Fundamentals for the Chinese Classroom Intensive Training for K-12 Teachers 2010

The Mandarin Institute held an intensive Chinese teaching training program, Fundamentals for the Chinese Classroom in last summer, Aug 2-6th, 2010. This program was developed for K-12 Chinese language and culture teachers. Our participants were from all over the U.S. and mainland China.

This intensive summer training program introduced and strengthened the fundamental teaching skills necessary for every successful teacher. Participants learned the critical skills they need to thrive in the classroom. Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, teachers participated in workshops covering topics such as:

• Curriculum development
• Integrating culture
• Assessment tools
• Lesson planning
• Classroom management
• Teaching materials and resources
• Hands-on classroom teaching

Participants said:

"这是我真正走上美国学校讲台前的一次极佳的学习实践机会。我会向赴美教师推荐这个培训项目,这会让他们在走上教学一线之前做非常好的准备,包括心理上、教 学上、课堂管理上、与学生互动沟通上等等。"("This was a wonderful opportunity for me to learn and practice before I step onto the classroom platform of an American school. This program prepares new Chinese teachers with everything they need to be successful, such as psychological preparation, teaching and learning skills, classroom management and interaction with students.")

"Teaching in front of real students helped me rethink what I used to teach and how to make adaption in the future. I am so glad that I have learned a lot from other teachers and the activities they did in class."

"培训中与家长和学校管理者沟通那部分我让我收获很大。之前我虽然有一些课堂教学的经验,但是从来没有与美国的家长或管理者打交道的经历。这次培训让我今后与学校内外不同人士有效积极交流沟通很有信心。"("The Communications session equipped me with plenty of useful communication skills and knowledge. Now, I am very confident that I will effectively communicate with American parents and school administrators to solve any problems I might meet in the future.")

"This program has equipped me with tools that will prove invaluable. Perhaps the best thing I can say about this program is that I would not only recommend it to my friends and colleagues, but I hope that I can return in future years to further cultivate my teaching skills."